Wednesday, August 13, 2008

FDA Authority Over Tobacco - desperately needed

I was watching this interesting Fox News video, "Tobacco Time," about the effects of smoking on aging. I typically expect to hear how smoking shortens your life. However, this video has a twist, and cites recent National Cancer Institute research, reporting that smoking ages your body 10 years beyond your chronological age.

In any event, while googling for more smoking information, I stumbled across the topic about efforts to put tobacco products under the authority of the FDA. My reading started with this Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids Special Report, "FDA Authority Over Tobacco - Legislation Will Protect Kids and Save Lives." It frames the issue well, and explains the legislative context. This article has been recently updated, reporting successful passage of legislation in the House, "U.S. House Casts Historic Vote to Protect Kids from Tobacco, Save Lives; Senate Should Act This Year and President Should Sign Bill Into Law." It reports, "this legislation would grant the FDA strong and effective authority over the manufacturing, marketing and sale of tobacco products."

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