Thursday, August 14, 2008

More Than 90 Free Podcasts - International AIDS Conference 2008

What a treasure trove of free podcasts! If you couldn't make it to Mexico City for the 17th International AIDS Conference, held August 3-8, 2008, then check out this massive collection.

Keep reading to see the complete listing of podcasts below . . .

Here's some information about the folks making this podcast collection available. The mission of the Kaiser Family Foundation is to provide timely, reliable, and non-partisan information on national health issues to policymakers, the media, and the general public. To advance that mission, the Foundation established in November 2000. makes the following podcasts, in English, available to you. TIP: some of the podcasts start with an introduction in Spanish, then are delivered in English.

Pedro Cahn, M.D., Ph.D., IAS Conference Co-Chair
Late Breaker Track C
Rapporteur Summary Session
Craig McClure, IAS Executive Director
Press Conference: The Role of the AIDS Epidemic in Black America in the Global AIDS Epidemic
Reaching Millions - Youth, AIDS and the Digital Age
Closing Session
Official Press Conference
Linda Richter, Ph.D., Executive Director, Child Youth Family & Social Development (South Africa)
Friday, August 1
Allyson Leacock, Executive Director, Caribbean Broadcast Media Partnership on HIV/AIDS
Luis Soto-Ramirez, M.D., IAS Conference Co-Chair
Elisabet Fadul, AIDS 2008 Youth Programme Co-Chair
Ceci Connolly, Correspondent, Washington Post
Food Security, Nutrition and HIV
Regional Session: Middle East and North Africa
Late Breaker Track B Session 2
The Future of Microbicides: From Vaginal ART to PREP
Plenary Session, Day 4
Understanding the Numbers: from HIV Surveillance to HIV National and Global HIV Burden Estimates
MenEngage: Developing a Global Movement to Work with Boys and Men for Gender Equality
Plenary: Panel Discussion on the State of the Epidemic
Official Press Conference
Is Religion a Barrier to HIV Prevention?
REAL TIME: New Models of Private Sector Engagement
Food Security, Livelihoods and HIV: Challenges and Responses
HIV and Human Resources: Competing Priorities or Interconnected Solutions?
Opening Press Conference
Kevin Fenton, M.D., Ph.D., Director, National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD and TB Prevention
CDC's Kevin Fenton Discusses HIV Incidence in the United States
HIV Transmission under ART
Scaling up Comprehensive Prevention of Mother-to-child Transmission Programmes: Challenges and Lessons Learned from Adapting Global Recommendations to Country Situation
Opening Session
Universal Access of TB Services to PLHIV: Harnessing Collaboration and Coordination
Zonibel Woods, Programme Manager, Ford Foundation
Gregg Gonsalves, AIDS and Rights Alliance for Southern Africa
Tachi Yamada, M.D., President, Global Health Program, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Regional Session: Sub-Saharan Africa
HIV/AIDS and Health System Reform: Achieving Universal Coverage
Learning by Doing: Scaling up HIV Operations Research in Resource-Limited Settings
Monday, August 4
Reclaiming our Lives: Developing Accountability for Positive (PLHIV) Leadership and our Advocacy Priorities
Newer Antiretroviral Agents
Women's Rights Equal Women's Lives: Violence Against Women and HIV
The Lancet Series on HIV Prevention
Travel Restrictions on People Living with HIV: Going Against the Grain of Human Rights and Public Health
Prevention Working Group Press Conference
Official Press Conference
Regional Session: Asia-Pacific
Where Are We In Achieving UNGASS Targets?
Former President Festus Gontebanye Mogae, Botswana
Tuesday, August 5
Phill Wilson, CEO, Black AIDS Institute
Mark Dybul, U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator, U.S. Department of State
Indigenous People, First Nations and Afrodescendants Confronting HIV/AIDS: Breaking the Silence
Regional Session: Latin America
Financing for Sustainable National Health Care
Looking to the Future--The Epidemic in 2031 and New Directions in AIDS Research
Moving from Promises to Actions: Building Global and National Commitment for Evidence-Based Approaches to Addressing Stigma and Discrimination
Forgotten Truths, Hidden Realities: Addressing the Dynamics of HIV and MSM in Unfavorable Environments
Human Security and HIV
Achieving Universal Access for Young People
Universal ARV Scale Up: Delivering the Second Wave
Beyond Barriers: Disabilities and AIDS
Beyond the Orphan Crisis: Findings of the Joint Learning Initiative on Children and HIV/AIDS
The New Frontiers of Harm Reduction
Late Breaker Track B Session 1
AIDS Ambassadors
Strengthening Health Systems Through the AIDS Response
Regional Session: Eastern Europe and Central Asia
Plenary Session, Day 2
Country-Level Advocacy Initiatives that Support Children and AIDS
New Frontiers in HIV Prevention Sciences
Best Practices for HIV/AIDS Implementers: Highlights from Kampala
IAS 20th Anniversary
From Commitment to Action: Implementing Effective Responses on Gender and AIDS
New Insights Into HIV Transmission and Pathogenesis
Positive Synergies Between Health Systems and Global Health Initiatives
Vaccines and Microbicides: Where Do We go from Here?
Global Financial Architecture
Scaling-up HIV Testing and Counseling: A Human Rights and Public Health Imperative
Wednesday, August 6
Globalization, Development and Free Trade Agreements (FTAs)
The USA HIV Epidemic in 2008
AIDS Vaccines - 2010 and Beyond: Charting a Course for the Future of AIDS Vaccine Research
Official Press Conference
Universal Access/Universal Crises/Universal Prices
Regional Session: Caribbean - Creative Caribbean Approaches to the HIV Epidemic
Human Rights, HIV and Sex Work Policy
Male Circumcision: To Cut or Not to Cut
Kevin De Cock, M.D., Director of HIV/AIDS Department, World Health Organization
Plenary Session, Day 3
Official Press Conference
Mobile Populations and Globalization
Thursday, August 7
Plenary, Day 5

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