Friday, July 4, 2008

Free Health Resources on (Kaiser Permanente)

Updated March 18, 2018

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I still can't get over my excitement about Kaiser Permanente (KP) piloting a personal health record feed to Microsoft HealthVault (a HealthNews news article). Here's what this means, if the pilot is successful. KP members will be able to have all their Kaiser health information, like lab results, doctor visit summaries, allergies, medications, and more, fed from Kaiser to the MS HealthVault. Once the health info is in HealthVault, it means the member can access this whenever they want, and it's essentially portable. This is important as we hurtle forward towards adopting and implementing national standards for having portable health records. I'm eager to hear how this pilot progresses.

While I'm at it, I should mention that Kaiser Permanente has an excellent website: It gets a lot of awards, and though some features are hidden behind a secure sign-on, a lot of free resources can be used, even if you're not a member. Check out their drug, natural medicine, and health encyclopedias, health tools, etc. For more free online health resources, check out Most Popular and Top Ranked Online Health Resources.

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