Sunday, August 31, 2008

Beware These Poisonous Recipes!

It turns out that there are some published recipes out that will poison you. This very interesting, comprehensive, and educational ABC News article is a good read for novice chefs, "OOPS: Magazines Recall Poisonous Recipes - Confusion Between Spices and Poisonous Herbs Spells Trouble for Cooks." There are a number of reasons why a simple and elegant recipe can become poisonous, either the published recipe got it wrong, or you as the cook will make an error . . .

  1. The dose makes the poison. Toxic substances in small amounts don't matter, but if you put too much in, you get poisoned (e.g., cherry pits).
  2. Confusing common names. If you misread, or the recipe incorrectly gets an ingredient name wrong, you might end up using a poisonous substitute (e.g., substituting 'grass pea' instead of the common vegetable pea can cause serious damage).
  3. Parts matter. Using the wrong part of the plant can be bad for you. (e.g., green parts of rhubarb).

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