Saturday, November 8, 2008

Thanksgiving Alert - Cooked Turkey Can Still Cause Food Poisoning!

While cooking your turkey properly makes it safe to eat, it's really only safe to eat for a short while after being cooked and stored properly. The danger lies is what you do with it after it's been cooked, as outlined in this Medical News Today news clip, "Thanksgiving Chefs Beware: Cooking The Turkey May Not Prevent Food Poisoning." The key point is a "live" form of the bacterium, C. perfringens, is killed by cooking, but its spores survive will survive a trip through the oven. The spores aren't harmful if eaten, and they will return to their vegetative state ("live") if warm turkey meat is left too long. For a safe Thankgiving meal, follow these essential tips . . .

  1. Cook the Thanksgiving turkey to 165 degrees.
  2. Chill leftovers quickly after a meal is finished.
  3. Cut meat off the bone and store perishables in shallow pans.
  4. Reheat leftover turkey to 165 degrees and bring gravy to a boil.

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