Thursday, August 28, 2008

Medical Identity Theft Emerging

And you thought you only had to worry about your credit cards and bank accounts. Looks like crooks are also trying to move into the medical identity theft arena. According to Brenda Evans Hart (the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act privacy officer at Baylor College of Medicine), "I think now it's gone so far as to be part of organized crime for fraud regarding Medicare, Medicaid and regular commercial insurance." Additionally, Hart said. "And of course, that comes out of the taxpayers' pockets as well." Hart is cited in this Houston Chronicle article, "Medical records emerge as latest trend in I.D. theft." The article includes the following tips . . .

Safety Tips From The World Privacy Forum:

  1. Review statements from your health insurer. Specifically, look for charges you didn't make.
  2. Ask your health care provider or insurer for an accounting or history of disclosures.
  3. Watch your credit report for any collection notices for unpaid medical bills.

Consumer Information From The Online Journal of American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA):

  1. AHIMA Medical Identity Theft Information

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