Saturday, December 13, 2008

Epidemic Teen Addiction To Prescription Drugs (video)

It's shocking! Teens are finding it easier to obtain prescription drugs than alcohol, reports this MSNBC News Video, "Teens abusing prescription drugs." It turns out that the internet is a great teacher and source for obtaining prescription drugs without a prescription. I find this a very provocative video. What do you think?

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Mike D. said...

I suffered from prescription drug addiction and alcoholism for 15 years. Now that I am clean I have had my story published, the book is titled Constant Cravings: One's Man's True Story of His Struggle With Prescription Drug Addiction. My hope for this book is that it will help addicts and their families as much as writing helped me.

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Dana Luis said...

Today Internet contains an enormous amount of information that can be offensive to adults, and unsuitable and sometimes downright dangerous to children, therefore I’ve purchased Ez Parental Control software that protect my children by restricting access to unwanted websites such as adult content. Having installed the software on every computer that my boys use, my mind is at ease, as I know that they can only go to places on the Internet that are appropriate for their age.

Guantes De Nitrilo said...

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Botiquin Para Empresa said...

Dreadful, that is a dam serious matter and we need to put some extra attention toward this matter.

Personality Disorder said...

This is not good for anyone. We should try to make treatments through natural resources.

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