Friday, November 21, 2008

Verify Online Pharmacies - Save Money -

Online pharmacies can offer cost savings, yet they might introduce some risk if you fall prey to unethical pharmacies. Here's a resource that helps navigate through the risk, to that glory land of drug cost savings.

As detailed on their site, " was founded by a medical doctor in 2003 to help consumers safely save money on medication. It independently checks the credentials of online pharmacies and lets you easily compare drug prices. Its online pharmacy verification program is the largest and most accepted." They offer a report on "Safe Strategies for Drug Savings" that recommends the follow saving strategies . . .

  1. Check brand name prices at Canadian and non-U.S. online pharmacies.
  2. Check brand name prices at U.S. online and wholesale pharmacies.
  3. Check discount generic programs at large retailers and pharmacies.
  4. Check wholesale pharmacy prices on generics.
  5. Check programs based on need or fees.

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