Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs) Available Online (free) - Go Green!

This is a wonderful use of our tax dollars. Go green and stop buying hardcopies of the CFRs. On the Goverment Printing Office site, GPO Access, you can slice and dice, search, and browse published CFRs. And if you just can't help yourself, you can always print pertinent text or save portions offered as pdf files. Here's just a sampling of the different ways you can use this site . . .

  1. Listing of all CFR Titles, 1-50 (including annual publications of 21 CFR Food and Drugs since 1996)
  2. 21 CFR Food and Drugs (published April 2008) (including volumes 1-9; chapters I-III; parts 1-1499) falling under the purview of Food and Drug Administration,Department of Health and Human Services ; Drug Enforcement Administration,Department of Justice ; Office of National Drug Control Policy

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