Wednesday, November 14, 2012

FDA Asking for More Control Over Drug Compounding

F.D.A. Asking for More Control Over Drug Compounding -

"Among the changes proposed by Dr. Hamburg are requiring larger compounders to register with the F.D.A. and abide by its so-called good manufacturing practice [GMP], which requires drug producers to report any problems with their products to the agency. She is also recommending new labeling requirements that would make the origin and the risks of a compounded drug clear. She is also requesting that some products, including drugs with complex dosage forms, be banned for compounders.

“In light of growing evidence of threats to the public health, the administration urges Congress to strengthen federal standards for nontraditional compounding,” Dr. Hamburg stated in the written testimony. “Such legislation should appropriately balance legitimate compounding that meets a genuine medical need with the reality that compounded drugs pose greater risks than those that are evaluated by F.D.A.”"

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