Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Compounding pharmacies need FDA oversight

Will Congress step in, to help the FDA?

Compounding pharmacies need FDA oversight - The Washington Post:

. . . Congress gave the FDA some oversight power in 1997 over compounding pharmacies, but several of the firms challenged the law in court. At issue was the FDA’s power to regulate their brochures and advertising. In 2002, the Supreme Court ruled for the pharmacies. Two appellate court decisions since then conflict about whether the original law is valid and enforceable. Congress has failed to clarify the situation. . .

"The federal government, Congress and the states all bear some blame for this lapse of oversight. There are proven methods to prevent contaminated medicine from reaching patients — methods that were simply not used in this case. Congress can remedy the situation by putting the regulation of large-scale drug compounding unequivocally under FDA control. The health and safety of Americans demand that government not fail a second time."

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