Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Say Maaah - Goats Make Anti-Clot Drug

This could be the shape of things to come, genetically engineered animals turned drug-making machines. This LA Times article, New old-fashioned drug makers: goats, reports that genetically engineered goats produce a human protein that is extracted and turned into a medicine to fight strokes, pulmonary embolisms and other dangerous conditions caused by blood clots. A panel of the Food and Drug Administration voted overwhelmingly that the drug -- called ATryn -- is safe and effective. The FDA is expected to make a final ruling soon. If approved, this would be unprecedented, the drug would be the first from a genetically engineered animal to be approved in the United States. If ATryn gets approved, you can expect to see more milk produced by genetically engineered rabbits and cows for future lines of drugs to treat hemophilia, respiratory disease and swollen tissues.

By the way, do goats really say maaah?!

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