Saturday, January 3, 2009

Check Out iGuard - Esp. If You Take Multiple Meds (free)

No, this isn't an Apple product or accessory. This is a free service (registration & usage are free) for folks taking medications, and offers extra benefit for those taking multiple medications, reports this BusinessWire release, One Million Americans Now Receive Personalized FDA Drug Safety Alerts Through Read on for the quick highlights . . .

According to the news release, is different from other drug information services, because although patients today have access to an enormous set of tools for getting information about their health, is the only service that:

  • helps patients identify which drugs pose the greatest risk using a personalized, color-coded, drug safety rating system
  • detects potential interactions between drugs and diseases as well as interactions between drugs – recognizing that drug-disease interactions (e.g., Viagra and heart disease, birth control pills and smoking) are the highest cause of death and disability associated with medication use
  • communicates emerging product recalls (which outnumber alerts by four to one) as well as safety notifications and FDA advisories
  • avoids bombarding patients with irrelevant communications by ensuring that drug-specific messages are sent only to those users to whom they apply
  • ensures that communications are actionable and easy to understand by having a pharmacist review and update FDA / drug company alerts for the consumer audience
  • allows patients to have their doctor copied on their communications
  • is funded by medical research, not by advertising, which helps improve medicines

If you're taking meds, shouldn't you be taking advantage of iGuard?

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1 comment:

Ethan Rehman said...

Oh, so there's an app that reports the status of the drugs that they buy. At least the patients have something they can rely on when they don't know about the medications they're taking.

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