Sunday, December 28, 2008

Get In Shape In 2009 - Trying one of these 20 fitness trends?

The holidays are almost over. Are you going to try and follow one of these top fitness trends in 2009, reported by MedicineNet, "American College of Sports Medicine Survey Predicts Next Year's Fitness Trends." Here's the what the professionals think will be hot in the coming year . . .

  1. Educated and experienced fitness professionals
  2. Children and obesity
  3. Personal training
  4. Strength training
  5. Core training
  6. Special fitness programs for older adults
  7. Pilates
  8. Stability ball
  9. Sport-specific training
  10. Balance training
  11. Functional fitness
  12. Comprehensive health programming at work
  13. Wellness coaching
  14. Worker incentive programs
  15. Outcome measurements
  16. Spinning (indoor cycling)
  17. Physician referrals
  18. Exercise and weight loss
  19. Group personal training
  20. Reaching new markets

Do you have a workout plan for 2009?

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