Saturday, December 20, 2008

And The Top 10 Food Stories Of 2008

. . . according to QSR Magazine's article, "The Top 10 Food Stories of 2008," include some concerning food safety items. If you're in the food chain supply, or are just interested as a consumer, here's the quick list of the stories . . .

  1. The rise in food prices around the world
  2. China's tainted milk scandal
  3. The salmonella outbreak in raw tomatoes
  4. Supermarket Chains Offer More Locally Grown Food
  5. New USDA Labeling Laws
  6. Big Food Companies Adopt Nutrient Standards
  7. Jalapeno Peppers Test Positive for Salmonella
  8. Paul Newman Dies
  9. NYC Restaurant Trans Fat Regulations
  10. New Levels of Alarm Associated With High Salt Intake

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