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WHO Basic GMP Training Modules (free)

WHO Basic GMP Training Modules (free)

Updated 9/24/2015:

WHO revamped their sites. You might be interested in:
WHO Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) training modules

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Qualstar - Pharmaceutical Simulation - Advanced cGMP Training
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Updated 11/18/2011 - I discovered the links went bad. Hopefully, these updated links work better.

If you're a GMP trainer on a budget, consider leveraging some of these free powerpoint slides made available from the World Health Organization (WHO) and posted on this site, "WHO Basic Training Modules on GMP." This site provides some background for trainers, introduces the available modules, and how best to use them for training purposes. Here's a quick peek at the index of slide decks offered . . .

 Basic Principles of GMP: Module 1     
 GMP Inspection Process: Module 2

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