Saturday, November 1, 2008

Prescription Drug Reimportation and Safety - Both Presidential Candidates Support It

Election time is near, sometimes the candidates have the same view, and sometimes they differ. They happen to agree and reaffirmed their support for allowing Americans to import cheaper prescription drugs from abroad, but both campaigns note that concerns over international drug safety will take precedence in determining this policy, commonly known as drug reimportation. Read this Henry Kaiser Foundation post for more details, "Election 2008 - Both Major Presidential Candidates Support Prescription Drug Reimportation, Cite Need To Ensure Safety." In a nutshell, here are the high points . . .

  1. Recent incidents like the tainted heparin from China, highlight the need to ensure drug safety abroad.
  2. There's a need to focus on global areas with strong track records of safety.
  3. We need to make sure that all imported drugs meet state and federal standards for safety.

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