Monday, November 10, 2008

HIV Treatment Goes Bionic

Bionic man. Bionic woman. Now there's bionic assassins to treat HIV. Researchers have have engineered and tested a killer T-cell receptor that is able to recognize all of the different disguises that HIV is known to have used to evade detection. The researchers attached this receptor to the killer T-cells to create genetically engineered "bionic assassins" able to destroy HIV-infected cells in culture. For the full story, read this EurekAlert, "HIV's disguises no match for 'bionic assassins' - Implications for developing new treatments for AIDS."

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John said...

Humans have a built-in weapon against HIV, but until recently no one knew how to unlock its potential. A study published in Nature reveals the atomic structure of this weapon, an enzyme known as APOBEC-3G, and suggests new directions for drug development. Once a person is infected with the virus, fibrosis, or scarring, occurs in the lymph nodes the home of T cells that fight infection. And once fibrosis occurs, T cells can't repopulate the lymph nodes when HIV therapy begins.

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