Saturday, July 19, 2008

Survey says! Men, you need to tell your doctor about your erectile dysfunction (ED)

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Men, tell your doctor about your erectile dysfunction (ED). Your ED might be a warning that you might have other potentially serious health conditions. Read this article for in-depth details, "The ED Conversation Dilemma: Forty Percent Of Men With ED Don't Talk To Their Doctor, Survey Finds." It's important for men to discuss ED with a health professional for two reasons. First, to find out if there are other serious medical conditions that require treatment or attention. Second, erectile dysfuntion (ED) can be treated with medications such as Cialis (tadalafil). If you think you're reading about yourself, I recommend you strongly consider sharing your ED with your doctor.

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Anonymous said...

All the ED drugs are strictly prescribed. Having them without prescription can lead to fatal consequences. Among all the ED drugs levitra has the least restrictions. It can be had in a full stomach and it can be had whenever a person feels like making love. However, by no means should a person have levitra twice in the span of 24 hours. Regarding the levitra dosages one should always follow the physician’s directions.

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