Thursday, July 3, 2008

Most Popular and Top Ranked Online Health Resources

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) ensure the production of high quality medicines. Poor quality medicines are not only a health hazard, but a waste of money for both governments and individual consumers. Use the following resources and links to find the health and health care information you need to thrive! These are the most popular and top online health resources available. - About Health - read about kids, smart choices, growing up - Aetna Intelihealth - the trusted source - All Nurses - where nurses come together - AOL Health - - drug information online - eDiets - lose weight, create a whole new you! - eMedicine - the continually updated clinical reference - FDA MedWatch - Medical Product Reporting Program - Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) - a Wikipedia primer and introduction - Healthline - connect to better health - Kids Health - Mayo Clinic - tools for healthier lives - Med Help - finding cures together - Microsoft HealthVault - puts you in control of your health information - MSN Health and Fitness - National Institutes of Health (NIH) - the nation's medical research agency - - smart ways to live well - Revolution Health - your home for health and balance - Rx List - the internet drug index - Quality Health - your personal health companion - US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) - protecting and promoting your health - Web MD - the most popular health site on the web - World Health Organization (WHO) - World Health Organization (WHO) GMP Q&A - question and answers on the importance of GMPs to health - Yahoo! Health

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