Monday, September 12, 2011

Offshore Drug Manufacturing Plants - Quality problems more likely

Globe icon.Image via WikipediaQuality problems more likely in offshore drug plants, study finds - FiercePharma:  'via Blog this'

"Researchers found drugs made in offshore plants are more likely to have quality problems than meds made by the same companies in the U.S. -- and that calls into question the industry's move to ship more production overseas."
According to one of the authors, John Gray, in the release from Ohio State:
"One of the managers I spoke to currently in a Puerto Rican plant said it best: No one here knows what it looks like to run a world-class operation in terms of quality control. This kind of knowledge can't just come from books and manuals, especially when you're dealing with workers who speak another language and come from another culture."
For more information:
Quality risk in offshore manufacturing: Evidence from the pharmaceutical industry (abstract)

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