Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Read Or Download The GAO Report - The FDA And High Risk Medical Devices (pdf)

The FDA and medical device industry just got a wake-up call. Seems like this GAO report suggests greater rigor is needed in the premarket review process, MEDICAL DEVICES - FDA Should Take Steps to Ensure That High-Risk Device Types Are Approved through the Most Stringent Premarket Review Process. In any event, seems like this industry sector can expect potentially more rigorous regulation in the future . . .

Bottomline, the reports states, "We are recommending that the Secretary of Health and Human Services direct the FDA Commissioner to expeditiously take steps to issue regulations for each class III device type currently allowed to enter the market through the 510(k) process. These steps should include issuing regulations to (1) reclassify each device type into class I or class II, or requiring it to remain in class III, and (2) for those device types remaining in class III, require approval for marketing through the PMA process."

From your perspective, would more stringent regulation be a good thing?

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