Sunday, September 14, 2008

Structural Aspects of Biomaterials - More than 20 free video lectures

As a taxpaying Californian, this is a pleasant find. In this free video lecture series, Bio Engineering/ME C117: Structural Aspects of Biomaterials, UC Berkeley Professor Lisa Pruitt provides an overview of medical devices, FDA regulatory issues, biocompatibility and sterilization technology. The lectures examine biomechanical properties: isotropy/anisotropy, stiffness, bending stresses, contact stresses, multiaxial loading, plasticity, fatigue, fracture, wear, corrosion, design issues. There are more than 20 lectures in this series . . .

All the available lectures in this series are found via the link above. I've provided the links to the first 2 lectures in the series:

  1. ME C117 Lecture 01: Course Overview
  2. ME C117 Lecture 02: Biocompatibility/FDA Regulatory Agency

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