Friday, July 18, 2008

GMP News Sources - updated list for free

This is a collection of health, drug, and GMP news and industry publications. Use this to update your knowledge of current events, or to work the latest information and knowledge into your upcoming classroom or training event. This list is provided to you for free.

Biopharm - the science and business of biopharmaceuticals
Biospace Newsfeeds - Biotech and Pharmaceutical News
BioWorld Online - the worldwide biotechnology news and information source
European Compliance Academy Newsfeeds (2008)
FDA Patient Safety News - a video news show for health professionals
FDA WebView - the internet's fastest FDA news center
F-D-C Reports - developments affecting regulation and marketing of healthcare products and services
GMP Trends - an online and printed GMP information source
Health, Drug, Prescription, GMP Supersite - reference additional news sources on the Blog List
Medical Device
Pharmaceutical Business Review - the latest news, comment, and industry information
Pharmaceutical Online - the online industry standard
Topix - Food and Drug Administration News - continually updated from thousands of sources around the net
US News and World Report - FDA

You might also be interested in the Health & FDA-related news, that displays on this blog's Blog List (just scroll down the left sidebar of this blog).

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