Saturday, July 12, 2008

8 Tips - Save Money on Prescription Drugs

Updated June 29, 2017:

I was checking out some information at the California Board of Pharmacy site, reading about the Designated Representative (Exemptee) license. The CA Board of Pharmacy has some great consumer-oriented resources.

Their Tips to Save You Money When Buying Prescription Drugs caught my eye. In a nutshell:

  1. Shop around and ask for the lowest price.
  2. Consider generics.
  3. Consider a therapeutically similar drug.
  4. Beware of prescription drugs advertised to consumers.
  5. Don't skip doses or reduce the amount of prescription drugs you're supposed to take to make medication last longer.
  6. Learn if you qualify for special, low cost drug programs operated by governmental agencies, drug companies, insurance companies, or others.
  7. Purchase a greater quantity of medication at one time.
  8. Keep a list of all medication you take.
And best of all, they include a fabulous list of Resources for Discounts on Prescription Drugs.
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sjohnson said... has a RxSavings-Center to help find discount drug programs at your local pharmacy. go to: to find discount drug programs or to find generic equivalents.

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