Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Is It Safe To Eat The Mushrooms In My Yard? - Probably Not

I just ran across this Chicago Tribune news article, and it made me stop to think, "You asked: Can I eat the mushrooms in my yard?" While the weather here in San Francisco is rather mild and dry, the article reminds me that Fall is in full swing and some places are getting lots of rain. Ripe conditions for mushrooms in the yard. So if you're even tempted to eat those mushrooms, please stop and consider the following main points . . .

  1. Some wild mushrooms are poisonous and possibly deadly
  2. It's very hard to tell which are safe and which are not
  3. Eating poisonous mushrooms can cause vomiting, cramps, bloody diarrhea, seizures and deadly liver damage
  4. If you suspect a mushroom poisoning, call your local poison center for advice

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