Monday, November 11, 2013

2014 GMP Training Ideas - Executive Session (2014 cGMP Updates)

483 Observation Gotchas!
1. Firm lacked an effective training program to ensure all employees, including upper management, are fully trained on CGMPs.
2. Management failed to prevent non-controlled documents from being in the dispensing area.
3. Management did not understand their role & responsibility in supporting & enforcing the quality system.   
Planning for Training 2014!

 2014 is just around the corner! 
  1. Can't get management staff to attend your CGMP training sessions, or
  2. Not quite sure what to present to management staff for annual CGMP training, or
  3. Does management feel that they do not need to attend annual CGMP training?

    If you answered "Yes" to one or more of these questions, then you need to take a look at our Executive Session 2014 CGMP Update.

Featured Course
Executive Session 2014 CGMP Update: This course focuses on what the executive needs to know. There's no discussion of "single-line through ... yada, yada, yada," in this course.
Topics addressed in this intense update:
1. Annual observation update
2. What the observations mean to executives and managers
3. Consequences
4. Interesting court cases
5. Current trends and more!
If your firm needs to get some of your executives and managers into meaningful CGMP training, then you need to look into our Executive Session 2014 CGMP Update!

Allan Dewes
Allan Dewes, President.
About Your Instructor
Allan Dewes

Allan Dewes has been training CGMP for over 30 years, including managers and executives. Allan knows how to adjust his comments and focus on the needs of executives and managers.

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