Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New FDA Device Helps ID Fake Drugs

New FDA Device Helps ID Fake Drugs:

"The FDA is using simple technology it designed to help nab counterfeit products, but the agency's development of such innovations may face trouble in the future, agency commissioner Margaret Hamburg, MD, said Monday.

The agency displayed its Counterfeit Detection Device No. 3 -- CD3 for short -- at an FDA symposium.

The device sprays 10 different wavelengths of visible and invisible light on products the FDA is inspecting. When they aim it over tablets, boxes, and accompanying documents, inspectors are able to spot counterfeit products and documents because they appear a different color or shade.

"It doesn't tell you what the problem is," explained R. Duane Satzger, PhD, director of the FDA's Forensic Chemistry Center. "It just lets you know there's a difference.""

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