Saturday, April 14, 2012

Turning Stem Cells into a Powerful Weapon Against AIDS

Turning Stem Cells into a Powerful Weapon Against AIDS | NBC Los Angeles:

"They figured out how to engineer stem cells taken from adult blood, and turn them into immune cells that attack and kill the HIV virus.

The history making breakthrough even surprised them.

"We knew that the results were coming down the pike," says UCLA researcher, Dr. Jerome Zack. "When they finally came out we looked and went, that's pretty good."

So far the technique has been successful in attacking HIV in hundreds of lab mice.

"We haven't fully developed the technology to clear them of HIV, but they are significantly suppressed in the amount of virus that’s replicating," says researcher Dr. Scott Kitchen.

Researchers say human clinical trials are the next step."

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Read more about this:   Engineered Cells Suppress HIV In Living Tissue'via Blog this'

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