Tuesday, April 24, 2012

FDA Global Initiative

FDA’s success in protecting the U.S. public depends increasingly on its ability to reach beyond U.S. borders and engage with its government regulatory counterparts in other nations, as well as industry and regional and international organizations, to help ensure the quality and safety of products before they reach the United States.
Through effective global engagement, FDA is working with its many international partners to weave a global safety net that benefits public health in the United States and around the world.

FDA Global Initiative

"Global production of FDA-regulated products has quadrupled over the last decade and continues to grow.  Today, FDA-regulated products originate from more than 150 countries, 130,000 importers and 300,000 foreign facilities.

Almost 40 percent of the fruits and nuts and 85 percent of the seafood consumed in America comes from abroad.  Similarly, more than 80 percent of the active pharmaceutical ingredients used to make medicines are imported. The growth in imports has been rapid and promises to accelerate.

Globalization has fundamentally altered the economic and security landscape and demands a major change in the way FDA fulfills its mission.  Over the next decade, FDA will transform from a predominantly domestically-focused agency operating in a globalized economy to a modern public health regulatory agency fully prepared for a complex globalized regulatory environment."

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