Sunday, March 18, 2012

What Stresses Some Pharma Employees The Most

An interesting report of stresses on pharma, and the stresses that pharma employees experience.

What Stresses Some Pharma Employees The Most // Pharmalot:

" . . . when asked about the biggest changes at work, nearly half say that on-the-job conditions are worse - 49.5 percent cited increased workloads due to staff cuts and nearly 49 percent report a new team or organizational structure. Nearly 18 percent say they are burnt out most of the time and 55.4 percent are burnt out some of the time. Almost 39 percent complain this is a real issue that is hurting productivity. And 45 percent say they have to pitch in to do things outside their domain.
Interestingly, when asked how the economy has hurt their employer recently, the responses indicated some improvement - nearly 38 percent report a hiring freeze, down from nearly 50 percent the year before. Similarly, 41 percent named layoffs, compared with 53 percent in the prior year. Salary freezes were cited by 19.4 percent versus 29.2 percent, and 24.7 percent pointed to outsourcing, down from 33.8 percent."

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