Friday, July 6, 2012

FDA Plans IDs to Track Medical Device Safety

It's kind of a twist to think of tracking medical devices like cars and toasters . . .

FDA Plans IDs to Track Medical Device Safety:

"Medical devices like hip implants and heart defibrillators will soon join the ranks of cars and toasters.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday proposed a new rule that would require each medical device to have a unique code that could improve tracking and catch safety problems earlier. The proposal comes five years after Congress first mandated the codes.

While these codes are already present for most consumer goods, in the ubiquitous barcodes scanned at the grocery store, they have been absent from life-sustaining medical devices."

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1 comment:

Clive@Medical Devices said...

The changes where proposed by Congress way back in 2007 and FDA was really lazy to act on the whole scenario. It took them nearly 5 years to act on it that's really strange & I personally feel it will be very helpful especially for elderly people if and when they have problems with their devices at least they will be informed accordingly.

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