Friday, December 26, 2008

FDA Warning On Weight Loss Products

No doubt we'll have overeaten on Christmas, and we'll continue to do so through the holidays. Then in the new year, we'll all be tempted to lose some weight. We'll schedule workouts at the gym, go on diets, and start taking weight loss products. But stop and read before you take those weight loss products, warns the FDA, as reported in a recent American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) daily news briefing. In general, the FDA "has listed more than 25 weight loss products to avoid, because they contain ingredients that are not labeled, and could cause serious health problems." Some of the ingredients illegally contain drugs that should be sold by prescription only. The news briefing suggests the following links for further reading . . .

Are you planning to take weight loss pills?

Bloomberg News - Illegal Weight Loss Pills May Cause Heart Attacks

FDA News - FDA Warns Consumers About Tainted Weight Loss Pills

AP News - FDA warns against some diet pills sold on the Web

HealthDay - FDA Warns About Weight Loss Products

Chicago Tribune - FDA warnings for 30 diet drugs

WebMD - FDA Warns of Risky Weight Loss Pills

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