Saturday, November 22, 2008

SpermCheck Vasectomy - A Home Test - Medical Device

This recent Journal of Urology abstract, "Clinical and Consumer Trial Performance of a Sensitive Immunodiagnostic Home Test That Qualitatively Detects Low Concentrations of Sperm Following Vasectomy, concludes that SpermCheck Vasectomy, a simple and reliable immunodiagnostic test, can provide evidence of vasectomy success or failure, and offers a useful alternative to improve compliance with post-vasectomy sperm monitoring. It is currently the only FDA-approved test for this purpose.

Monitoring is important because vasectomies are not 100 percent successful, and men who have had them can experience recanalization, or spontaneous healing, leading to restored fertility. Traditionally, after a vasectomy has been performed, the monitoring process involves bringing semen samples to a doctor's office or laboratory at two- and three-month intervals after the procedure. This at-home test is designed to help couples monitor and confirm that post-vasectomy sperm concentrations have reached infertile levels and avoid any surprises. The device is undergoing commercialization through a start-up company.

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kimrennin said...

Bleeding can occur with vasectomy but this is usually only enough to cause bruising of the skin since the scrotal skin is so loose. The bruising can rarely turn the whole scrotum black and blue, however, this is of little concern since the body reabsorbs this blood and normal color returns within a couple of weeks. Less commonly, there is enough bleeding to produce a hematoma (blood clot) within the scrotum. This too, is usually self-limited, taking the body a little longer to reabsorb the blood.

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