Monday, September 8, 2008

Health Dangers In Flood Waters - Health Tips

With all the hurricanes and inclement weather around us, we've got some flooding going on. If you find yourself in flood waters, here are some very important health tips to follow, and health issues to consider . . .

  1. Flood waters can contain fecal material from overflowing sewage systems as well as other contaminants from a variety of sources.
  2. There is a risk of disease from eating or drinking anything contaminated by flood water.
  3. If you have open cuts or sores that will be exposed to flood water, keep them as clean as possible by washing well with soap to control infection. If a wound develops redness, swelling or drainage, promptly seek medical attention.
  4. Fish or seafood caught from these waters should be thoroughly cooked prior to eating. After handling fish and seafood, be sure to thoroughly wash your hands with soap and clean water.

Source: Public Reminded To Use Caution In Flood Waters

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