Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pharmaceutical Site Closings - Shocking Statistics

This Pharmalot blog posting by Ed Silverman is eye-opening to me, "And The Next Pharma Plant To Close Will Be . . ." The blog states, "Since January 2007, a total of 77 industry sites employing more than 14,000 people were either closed or have been put on notice, according to Industrial Info Resources, a research firm."

Here's what I take away. Some plants could easily re-open in a matter of weeks. Others, "are tainted by the very factors that targeted them for closure. Aging facilities and equipment coupled with stringent FDA regulations place a particular burden on reopening the doors anytime soon." Bottomline, if your company is acquiring one of these plants, you'll want to know if there were pre-existing FDA GMP issues. Good luck if you are a prospective successor.

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